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Learn about Jacqueline Iverson & Her CustomWigs for Vets

Our founder and CEO, Jacqueline Iverson, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2013. Her Army training taught her that rapid response to the disease was essential to her survival. She immediately underwent a bilateral mastectomy to remove the tumors and decrease her chances of recurrence. Because she tested triple positive to the hormones that fed the disease, she underwent one year of chemotherapy.

At that point, Jacqueline suffered complete hair loss, along with her nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows. She developed chronic neuropathy and lymphedema. Eventually, she found herself in physical, mental, and financial ruin.

An Epiphany

As she sat, hooked up to her IV, Jacqueline began to feel like she looked: sick and broken. She was ashamed of her hair loss and her appearance to the point that she only ever took one picture without a wig, hat, scarf, or some other cover on her head. Suddenly she had an epiphany: she could not be the only person who went through this.

With that epiphany, Jacqueline began to fight through her pain and started researching resources. She eventually found that because of her military service, she was entitled to a benefit that would provide her with a custom cranial prosthetic. She began the long process of being fitted.

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Jacqueline was promised she would receive her unit in a few weeks. It always took months. Due to substandard customer service, she was brushed off and put on the back burner. She never felt like her hair unit was a priority. For all of these reasons, she decided that if she survived the disease, that no other veteran would feel like this. She began to learn methods to make herself look as normal as possible.

When Jacqueline finally received her unit, it did not fit properly and the provider never took into account that she would require special accessories to keep it from falling off and shifting. She then took a class on how to apply her makeup and pencil in eyebrows. The better she started to look, the more it empowered her to fight.

Founding Infinity Speaks

As a result of her ongoing battle, Jacqueline decided she wanted to give back to her fellow veterans and provide them with a free service that she felt was priceless. It is her dream that no veteran ever feels like they cannot look in the mirror due to their hair loss. Thus Infinity Speaks became a reality and has helped provide wigs for vets ever since.